July meeting

Well, folks, true to tradition, we had no quorum for any meeting tonight.  I got to the Old Labor Hall first and received the key, then the yet-to-be-sworn-in Vice-President, Tim, the original TJ, arrived, followed by Bear – and that was it.

We had a great time.

At 6:45 Scott showed up, followed by three other potential members and 3 members in good standing. But, again, not enough to make a quorum.  Arggh.

We all went to Gustos afterwards and decided that all future meetings will be held in Barre at Gustos.  The place is huge and empty at that time of day, and they have $3.25 craft brew pints (Switchback, etc).  The vote was unanimous.

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  1. RobinGrant says:

    No. The files are stand-alone PDFs, right-click, save to your computer and open in whatever you use to read PDFs. Also, opening it in a new browser window might work depending on which browser you use.

    Don’t ‘download’ WordPress, it is blogging software and will not help read the PDF files. WordPress is to be installed on web-servers and run from there, but only if you are webmaster of a blog.

  2. Leo says:

    Robin, the site looks great! I’m having difficulty viewing the minutes. Would downloading wordpress help?

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