Thank you note from Dartmouth College

From:  Keely Ayres, Senior Production Manager, Hopkins Center for the Arts, Dartmouth College

(References to IATSE 919 or our brothers and sisters has been underlined)

It’s a little over a week later and the accolades and glowing mentions are still coming in about the extravaganza that was Igniting Imagination.  I want to take this opportunity to thank all of you who worked behind the scenes for your contributions to and invaluable involvement in this show that celebrated the Arts at Dartmouth College for the Hopkins Center’s 50th Anniversary.  We couldn’t have done it without each of you.  It was a challenging week in the theater and throughout the accelerated and brief planning and prep time, but through your efforts, it culminated in an amazing, once in a lifetime experience for so many students and the Dartmouth community.  Over 250 students were involved with the show either onstage or behind the scenes.  That in itself is remarkable.  And the community, campus and alumni were also positively impacted and thoroughly impressed by what they experienced on October 12th in Spaulding Auditorium.

Thanks Peter for spearheading the production design and sticking with us in the midst of your multitude of pressing obligations.  Thanks Paul for your spectacular lighting under such difficult circumstances and standing in for Peter, helping me with production design aspects on site.  Spaulding has never been so energized with light.  Thanks Kristin for leading us in putting it all together and calling a great show you hadn’t been able to call in time until we opened!  Your support, guidance and advice were what kept me from falling under.  Thanks Robin for the skill and can-do attitude you brought to directing the cameras and coordinating the video aspect of the show.  Thanks Dan for the creation and constant(!) editing of the videos.  Thanks Todd for your invaluable expertise navigating the video hardware and software requirements for this project.  Thanks Grayson for being available at midnight Tuesday night for our emergency call and jumping on the bus the next morning to get here to save the programming of the lighting.  Thanks to the stage management team, Jeremy, Veronica, Kathleen and Amaris, for helping our VIP’s, the crew and all the performers navigate the techs, rehearsals and shows.  Thanks show crew for withstanding the long hours and mad level of technology that was thrown at you. Tom, Tim, Pete and Ethan – handling 60 inputs (thankfully the new Midas consoles could handle that many!),the twenty-four channels of wireless mics, the ten in-ear monitors, the new recording unit, the two channel clearcom to four teams and the multitude of wired mics, DI’s and tracks.  Grayson, Colin and TJ – enhancing the performance with a multitude of lighting and followspot cues.  Robin and Ross – setting up and executing rapid fire video and camera cues.   Kevin, Krissy and Andrew – finessing piano and stage changes.  Bridget – being the go-to person for everything from safety pin needs to creating a leg worn belt-pack holder to delicately stringing wireless mic cables down dresses!  Thanks High Output, Jess and Geoff, for sticking with me and putting together a lighting, video and truss package with no time to spare that was successful and striking.  Thanks Rosebrand for the quick turnaround in getting us the banners for the set in time for the show.  Thanks Soundstill and Atomic for the extra audio gear needed for this venture.  Thanks Department of Theater for the staircase, loans, consults and donation of space you sorely needed for your Angels In America prep.  Thanks Media Production Group for your eleventh hour, skilled help finding cameras and providing operators that brought the I-magging to life.  Thanks to IATSE Local 919 and our fantastic Dartmouth Students for providing the labor to setup, run and strike the show.   Thanks EBA’s for feeding us so well during the long week.  Thanks Crystal for the care and maintenance of our well-loved/used Hamburg.  Thanks Steve for the last minutes flights assistance and backline aid.  Thanks Catherine for the amazing access you granted us to practice and rehearsal rooms.  Thanks Tony for your generosity in relocating not one but TWO DSO rehearsals so we could have unfettered use of Spaulding for the week.  Thanks Marcia for relocating your classes out of the Quartet Studio for us on Friday.  Thanks Matt, Don and Louis for negotiating your Ensemble rehearsal and equipment needs downstairs around the tech and rehearsal needs for the show upstairs all week.  And thanks Dave for being the rock in the office, coordinating everything from staff changes to lining up hotel rooms, drafting and executing contracts, generating paperwork and helping keep me on track while keeping the office running and responding to constituencies not involved with the event but no less important.

As far as I know, this was the largest, home-built project the Hop has ever presented and it was a fantastic success.

Thank you all.  My hat is off to you.



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