Quorum fail

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Writing as your incoming Secretary-Treasurer, reporting that there was no quorum tonight for our meeting, hence I could not officially be instated.

Why does this matter?  I only volunteered to run for this office when NO ONE else had submitted a nomination form, which was the most awful treatment I could imagine of our Sister Leslie Day, who fulfilled the duties of this office for 6 years.  I considered it inconceivable that our Local would continue to exist without a sec-treas and equally inconceivable that Sister Day could be forced to continue to serve in a volunteer position beyond her willingness.
If no more than 8 other journeymen can show up to a meeting, then I will be endangering my grades for nothing.  I took this position to keep this union functioning for us all, and I need at least 9 of you to show up every month so I can do my job.  If you want your cards and stamps sent in a timely fashion in 2013, I strongly recommend you make the monthly meetings a priority in your calendar. Meetings are almost always the 2nd Monday of the month, with exceptions around large calls.
If anyone else feels they have the organizational skill to maintain our books and membership, I strongly urge you to contact me.  I need to have a backup for this position, similar to how the BA position has other trained journeymen to take over the phone when needed.  Email me at  sec.local919@gmail.com.  My cell is 802.881.4968.
Some great reasons to come to the Old Labor Hall in Barre on Monday, January 14th at 7pm (5:30p for E-Board):
– Vote on Colin Fletcher as a journeyman (sponsors: Harry & Bruce)
– Find out what’s going on with the City of Burlington contract and Dartmouth background checks
– Re-design of the Committees
– Vote on a budget for laptop, printer, and accounting software (if this had occurred tonight, I could have procured the materials this month and thus been better prepared to process the 2013 1st quarter materials)
– Pick a date for our annual party!
– 1st Quarter Dues become due Jan 1st and are payable ($70) at meeting (check or Money Order only – no cash, please) to maintain good standing status.
Thank you for taking the time to read this.  Regardless of your personal opinion of me, I have years of experience directing non-profits and intend to continue the excellent work Sister Day has done improving our bookkeeping and records.  I’m trying to develop improvements for all of you, like the option of online dues payment.  I want to help our Local succeed but I really cannot fully do my job serving all of you if we cannot hold our monthly meetings which govern things like my buying supplies to process your dues and cards!
I know many of you hold old resentments, grudges, and frustrations, but please don’t let those perpetually hamper you from participating in your Local.  Unions and labor politics are highly relevant today, as our recent national election showed us.  There is a greater purpose beyond our personal paychecks in being part of a Union.  I made a personal sacrifice in taking this position when I am relocating and beginning a new phase of professional development, so I consider it highly reasonable to ask our members who live in VT and NH to make an effort once a month to participate in the democratic process that governs us.
Sister Madalaine Baer

Beginning December 2012 as Secretary/Treasurer.

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