Brother Tom Baines will host a Midas audio console workshop at Dartmouth, March 13

Brothers and Sisters,

I will be holding a Midas Pro 2 workshop at Dartmouth on Thursday, March 13th from 2-5:30pm.  This workshop will cover the setup and operation of the Midas Pro 2 and Pro 2C consoles and their components.  We will discuss in depth the ins and outs of these particular consoles and how to operate them in both FOH and monitor situations.  We will also cover the unique set up at Dartmouth and how it functions.  I would encourage anyone with any interest in learning about audio as well as anyone that wants to work as MS or a monitor engineer at Dartmouth to attend.
Depending on how many people attend we may not use the entire 3.5 hours.
Please email me directly if you will be attending.
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