Business Agent News!!!

I am stepping down as the Business Agent for Local 919, effective (somewhat) immediately.


Robin Grant has been appointed as the Business Agent of the local by our President, Tim Johnson, and he is excited to assume the position. He currently has the phone, and we will both be monitoring the emails for the next week or so. I am available to him for as much time is needed to make sure that this transition is seamless. He will be assigning labor from this point on.


It’s been an honor serving this organization, and all of our clients. I’ve enjoyed my time as the Business Agent, and will look back on this experience with fond memories. I have confidence in Robin’s abilities, and I know that he will do a great job. Now is the perfect time to make this transition, as we haven’t started the new season yet, and he’ll have the time to open up new lines of communication.


Again, thanks for this opportunity, and I look forward to seeing you on calls, as I will still be working with the local.

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