Greetings Brothers & Sisters of  Local 919,

I am writing to you today to let you know of changes regarding the April meeting.

After discussions with the BA, it is apparent that we are quite busy next month. Work is good!  So busy that I fear there may not be enough members in attendance to make a quorum on the scheduled date of April 6th. The BA says the rest of the month of April looks crazy with work, too. “Make hay while the sun is shining”.

There is also the matter of accepting nominations for the now-vacant Member-at-Large position on the Executive Board.  Although I am told notification letters have already been posted, there is not enough time left to meet our Constitutional requirements for member notification regarding accepting nominations for this Office. This is  less than good, as all members deserve  proper notification regarding elections.

Therefore, for these two compelling reasons: 

I am postponing our meetings for the month of April.

I feel that  is  very important that we make an effort to hold membership meetings once a quarter in the southern part of our jurisdiction. Therefore:

The next meeting of Local 919 is now scheduled for Monday, May 4th in Barre.

All of our meetings, including TSEOV, E-Board and General Membership  are now rescheduled for that date and time. Please disregard the regular mail that you will be receiving that informs that April 6th is the date.

Please do your best to attend these meetings, as there are many things we need to accomplish.

I’ll see you May 4th in Barre.

Best Reagrds,


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