IATSE Local 919 Virtual Library

Recommended reading list (thanks to Sister Freeman):

Theater Production and Shop Positions and Their Responsibilities.  This list is not meant to be exhaustive; likewise, additional responsibilities may attend each position.

(Thank you, St. Mary’s College for the list of various positions routinely involved in theater production and an exemplification of their responsibilities.)


Large glossary of techncal theater terms covering many departments. Easy to use.


Introduction to the basics of stage lighting. Very easy to read, great for beginners, good review for those with more experience.


Glossary of Theatrical Rigging Terms


Huge glossary of audio and computer terms, includes works cited links. 


All kinds of “how to” audio pdf files- plus many FAQs about microphones both in live and in recording.


The ESTA Foundation is a non-profit, tax-exempt organization established in early 2005 to create and support educational and charitable programs for the entertainment technology industry. The primary goals of the Foundation are to fill an industry-wide need for practically educated and trained entertainment technicians, develop public and governmental awareness of the entertainment technology career path, and to assist industry professionals in times of crises.


The Entertainment Technician Certification Program (ETCP) is an industry-wide program that has brought together an unprecedented group of industry organizations, businesses and individuals to create a program of rigorous assessments for professional technicians. ETCP focuses on disciplines that directly affect the health and safety of crews, performers, and audiences. You may become certified through ETCP in the following areas: Rigger – Arena, Rigger – Theatre, and Entertainment Electrician.


Overview of Robert’s Rules of Order, the rules we follow for union member meetings.


How to properly display an American Flag.

(Thanks, Chad for the research done for this page!)